Whose fault is it anyway?

Searching for the blame

A burden not fit for one




When something goes wrong in healthcare it is easy to find someone to blame. It is difficult to solve the problem. 


Age 25, MS3


Isolated within a realm of self hatred, deprecation, manipulation

Hating those who try to help, how dare they attempt to understand

Disdain for everything around me fills my soul

Selfless to selfish motives, actions, reactions

I can feel the blood sprint into my buldging facial veins

Full of feverish rage pushing so hard against my skin as though I may start bleeding from every pore

Taken from a note in my phone written during the isolation of studying for step 1 of the medical boards. I thought I was so angry when really I depressed and lonely.

Age 24, MS2


Dark green tar flows slowly through my veins

It weighs me down and fogs my brain

I spit vile venom in their direction

I have no right to determine what she deserves

I am not a moral compass

If judged I would fail.

Inspired by a toxic friendship and studying for Step 1 of the medical boards, found in an old note on my phone.

age 24, MS2